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Kitchen team fee

A 3% Kitchen Team Administration Fee will be added to your bill. This fee will solely benefit our Kitchen Team in the form of increased wages, benefits, and a sustainable schedule. This fee does not represent a gratuity or service charge for waitstaff, service employees or service bartenders.  Thank you in advance for your support and your patronage.

Our Attempt to Close the Restaurant Wage Gap
We have long struggled with the historic gap in wages between our Front of House/FoH staff (servers, bussers, bartenders) and our Back of House/BoH staff (line cooks, prep cooks, dishwashers) and are therefore applying a 3% Kitchen Administration Fee, which will directly benefit our BoH staff.

What’s the Issue?
Since the bulk of a FoH staff’s wages come from tips that are calculated as a % of revenue, their wages have increased as inflation and subsequently prices in restaurants have increased.  This unfortunately isn’t the case for BoH employees, since by law, they are not allowed to share in gratuity, tips, or service charges that go to the FoH.  Instead, their wages have only increased when more can be carved out of a restaurant’s bottom line margin.  With the accelerated cost of doing business in the City of Boston - including such changes as increased minimum wages, mandatory health insurance, mandatory paid sick time, and inflation in a high-growth urban environment – these BoH wage increases have become increasingly more difficult to implement.  In fact, BoH wage growth has now fallen behind FoH wage growth to the point in our industry that FoH employees are typically paid on average 2.5 times more than BoH employees. 

We don’t think that’s right – it takes our entire team of FoH and BoH employees at Shore Leave to deliver service every day.

So Why Don’t You Simply Raise Your Prices?
We considered multiple ways for dealing with this issue, ranging from automatically calculating gratuity to instituting no-tipping that includes gratuity as part of our prices to simply raising prices.  After opening Bar Mezzana, it became apparent to us that what’s needed is to create a direct connection to our top-line revenue for our BoH employees in the form of a Kitchen Administration Fee.  So, while the overall cost of dining at Bar Mezzana and Shore Leave is indeed increasing by 3%, we’re now finally making this connection by having this Administration Fee go explicitly to our BoH employees.

We are extremely grateful for your patronage and welcome any questions you may have about this change we’re instituting.

Respectfully Submitted,
Heather, Colin, Jefferson, and Ryan
Shore Leave Partners

Tiki mugs

Many of our tiki mugs are unique and tough to come by. In order to use these for our guests we require a credit card to hold during the use of certain mugs. If a mug is not returned, you will be charged for the value of the mug.


People under the age of 21 will be admitted to our space Sunday-Wednesday before 8pm. After 8pm they will not be granted entry. Minors will not be granted entry at all Thursday through Saturday.