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The Shore Leave Cocktail - $14

Our namesake cocktail is a marriage of some of our favorite tropical flavors with ingredients traditionally connected to Boston’s culinary and beverage history. We mix flavorful white rum from our friends at Privateer in Ipswich, Massachusetts with rich Jamaican Rum from the Appleton Estate. We blend these two spirits with passionfruit and lime for brightness, aromatic bitters for warm spice, and round everything out with molasses and a dram of madeira.

Large Format

Takes Two to Mango - $28

Serves 2
Much like any relationship, this cocktail is multilayered, salty, sweet, and full of surprises. We’ve taken sugar and coconut milk to make a rich soy caramel that we shake with Privateer Amber Rum, Del Maguey Mezcal and mango puree.

Rule 35 - $70

Serves 4
A nut-free riff on Trader Vic’s classic Fog Cutter mixed up for 4 guests. Avua Cachaca and Aged Gin are mixed together with Amontillado Sherry, Grand Marnier, toasted oats and lemon juice over crushed ice. #getthosenutsawayfrommyface

Paradise Found - $250

Serves 4-6
#TreatYoSelf with this two for one treasure chest for 4 to 6 vacationers. A bottle of Perrier Jouet champagne comes alongside fig infused Aged Rum & Cognac shaken over crushed ice with Benedictine, Barreled Maple Syrup & Ginger.




Air Conditioned Eden - $13
A chilly pineapple infused martini with Bianco and Dry Vermouths, Agricole Rum from the foot of Mt. Pelee and a molasses based Gin from the Black Forest in Germany.


Morale & Welfare - $13
This daiquiri variation will keep your spirits high. Overproof Dark Rum shaken together with grapefruit, cinnamon, lime and mole bitters.


Mexican Pearl - $14
A tequila rendition of one of Don Beach’s most tightly guarded recipes unraveled by the Bum for your imbibing pleasure. Reposado Tequila is flash-blended with tamarind, butter and warming spices.A vodka soda gone tiki with aromatic yuzu and a top secret ingredient.

Splice the Mainbrace - $14
Fortunately, this extra tot for your troubles wasn’t a difficult repair job. Built to compliment our selected barrel of Privateer Navy Yard, this drink stirs together enriched cherry and a short ration of lime over a block of ice.

Good Clean Funk - $13
A vodka soda gone tiki with aromatic yuzu and a top secret ingredient.


Amaro di Cocco - $14
A Pina Colada and a Negroni walk into a bar...


Third Wave Swizzle - $14
Your fancy latte took a Caribbean vacation. French Gin takes a long walk on the beach with coffee, ginger and honey swizzled over crushed ice.


Take Me with You - $14
One bar’s trash is a tiki bar’s treasure. We’re blending rich Guyanese rum and Oloroso Sherry with vanilla, frozen strawberries, lime and egg yolks for our #extraAF take on a Strawberry Daiquiri.


Bait & Switch - $14
A little rum never hurt no one. We stir Bonded Bourbon over a block of ice with two cane spirits, chocolate, roasted almond and bittersweet chinato.

Shore Leave Food Menu.jpg


Sweet Chili Peanuts - $5

Shishito Peppers - $7
hatcho miso, yuzu

Tikka Pork Rinds - $7
tomato curry, yogurt


Tomato Salad - $12
mizuno, wafu dressing, shiso

Green Mango Salad - $12
nuoc cham, crispy shallot, Vietnamese herbs

Crispy Rice Salad - $14
rock shrimp, citrus, cashew

Hamachi Sashimi - $15
coconut curry, green garlic, sea beans

Korean Wagyu Tartare - $15
ramp kimchi, pine nut, toast


Hokkaido Street Corn - $9
miso tare butter

Filipino BBQ Ribs - $14
banana ketchup, chicharron, pickles

Karaage Chicken Wings - $14
sansho, black sesame, lime
+ add Sichuan Chili Oil

Scallion Pancake - $10
traditional sauce
+ add King Crab Dip: miso, Kewpie mayo, mentaiko - $24

Samosa Gyoza - $12
potato, peas, green chutney

Dan Dan Wonton - $12
black bean + pork, mala oil, peanuts

Fried Clam Bao - $7
serrano, dashi - tartar sauce

Pork Belly Bao - $7
house pineapple hoisin, cucumber, jalapeñ0 substitute fried avocado

Katsu Sandwich - $12
pork cutlet, cabbage, mayo


Grilled Fish Collar - $18
for 1-2
nam phrik phao, thai summer salad

Cumin Lamb Skewer - $28
for 2-4
red pepper, cilantro, wolf berry

Rohan Duck - $80
for 4-6
pancakes, baos, house sauces, accompaniments


Every night from 11pm-1am!

Sweet Chili Peanuts - $5

Salt & Pepper Pork Rinds - $5

Cold Pork Katsu Sando - $8

Box of Pocky - $2

Tiki Mugs

Many of our tiki mugs are unique and tough to come by. In order to use these for our guests we require a credit card to hold during the use of certain mugs. If a mug is not returned, you will be charged for the value of the mug.


Kitchen Team Fee

A 3% Kitchen Team Administration Fee will be added to your bill. This fee will solely benefit our Kitchen Team in the form of increased wages, benefits, and a sustainable schedule. This fee does not represent a gratuity or service charge for waitstaff, service employees or service bartenders.  Thank you in advance for your support and your patronage.