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Join us at the Sushi Counter at Shore Leave for a special chef's tasting menu! 

This is a fast and fun take on a tasting menu. If you are not familiar with Omakase, it translates to "I trust you", meaning you are trusting the sushi chef to curate your meal of approximately 12 courses. Expect a variety of bites including nigiri, sashimi, and tempura.

The meal is timed to be a 45-minute experience. 

Please try to arrive 10 minutes before your reservation. 

The whole meal is paced so that you can enjoy the nigiri the moment it is made—as soon as you finish one piece, you’re handed the next by our sushi chef, who is right in front of you at the counter. 

We offer a curated selection of sake, beer, and wine to accompany your omakase. 

Come early or stay late to enjoy cocktails and additional snacks at Shore Leave’s bar! 

We accept parties of 1–6 seven days a week from 5pm–10pm.

Your Shore Leave Omakase experience will be $85 per person not including tax or gratuity and it will be approximately 12 courses depending on the season. It will include a mix of nigiri, sashimi, and a few other surprises. Our menu is dependent on the availability and seasonality of various fish.